Our team works on further developments of open source software, search/fix bugs and maintain the Hungarian localizations (especially QGIS).

Current researches:

SLAM Simultaneous localization and mapping
Our primary aim during the development to build a robot from cheep hardware components and open source software. On one hand it reduces the starting costs and on the other hand it enables easy educational usage in students' projects. Actually differential odometry is used for navigation, Application of other sensors are planed, e.g. IMU, Kinect.

Developers: Szabolcs Rozsa, Zoltan Siki

ETRS89 <-> Hungarian EOV projection transformation
This application creates a transformation solution between the Europen Terrestial Reference System and the Hungarian national EOV projection. The calculations are based on the benchmark coordinates of the Hungarian National GPS network. Our solution achives the transformation accuracy of 1-2 cm in terms of standard deviation.

In the direction from EOV to ETRS89 transformation .kml or .gpx output format can be chosen, which can be opened with Google Earth or with other GPS specialized software (e.g. QGIS).

Developers: Bence Takacs, Zoltan Siki

Ulyxes project
Ulyxes is an open source project for controlling robotic total stations and other sensors, moreover it can publish results on web-based maps.

Developers: Zoltan Siki, Szonja Zemko, Daniel Moka, Tamas Kiraly

QGIS plug-ins

Web-based applications and services

  • WMS service on Hungarian EOV projection from EU-DEM terrain model (
    Show on OpenLayers. (Developers: Zoltan Siki)
  • Control point register on the location of our field course - God, close to Budapest (Developers: David Urai, Zoltan Siki)
  • Control point register in the northern area of our campus (Developers: Peter Meszaros, Daniel Majer, Zoltan Siki)