Geodetic Control Networks Field Course - Göd (BSc)

General information

The field course is held in Göd, a village some 20 km north of Budapest. The field course is 6 days long. Students will gain experience in the planning and establishing geodetic control networks.

In order to be able to attend the field course, one should take the following accessories:

Please note, that the university can not provide the students with these accessories.
The field course is held from June 5 to June 10. Students must arrive to the camp until 10 o’clock on June 5 (See the Travel section for more details), and the departure is planned to be until 15 o’clock on June 10. Students arriving later than the prescribed time will be required to leave the camp, and repeat the field course next year.

Breaking the field course

Since the extent of the field course has been taken into account during the determination of the examination period, therefore students are generally not allowed to break the course into two parts, or skip certain days due to exams, or other programs.

Cancellation of the field course

If a student does not attend the field course without a prior notice to the lecturer, he/she is required to pay an extra fee for the repetition of the field course in the next year. Field course can be attended only once a year.


Students are accommodated in the camp of the University free of charge. The rooms are usually dormitory rooms with 3-6 beds. Linen is included in the accommodation. Showers with warm water are also available in the premises, however everyone should use his/her own towel. Breakfast is not included in the accommodation, see Food section for more details.


There’s a possibility to order lunch for the whole duration of the field course. The daily price of the menu is 700 HUF, and must be ordered at least one day in advance. There are two restaurants close to the camp as well, where students can have an a'la carte lunch. You’ll have time to have a lunch in these restaurants, too. Breakfast and Dinner can be purchased in the nearby stores (150 meters walk only)


You can travel by train or by car. Trains are leaving the Budapest Nyugati train station to Alsógöd in every 30 minutes. I’d advise to take the following trains:

Approaching the camp

The postal address of the camp is: Jávorka Sándor str. 15.

by train
The camp is located some 500 m to the west of the train station. After leaving the train in Alsógöd train station, please follow the route indicated with red line on the aerial photo below.

by car
You should take Route No. 2 towards Vác. In Göd You have to follow the Route 2, and turn left to the Jávorka str (You'll find a CBA supermarket on the left side of Route 2 just in front of the crossing.).

Bicycles are welcomed in the camp, but do not forget to take a lock, too!