Subjects taught at our department
GPS theory and application Data acquisition for digital mapping
Professional language Digital mapping
Dynamic Satellity Geodesy Dynamic Aspects in Geodesy
Building Control and Deformation Analysis Legal Procedures in Construction
Architectural surveying European Geodetic Networks
Geodesy Physical Geodesy
Mine surveying Management in Surveying and GIS
Surveying(FR) Surveying (HUN)
Geodetic Control Networks (field practice) (ENG) Surveying for Architects (HUN)
Surveying I. (ENG) Surveying II. (ENG)
Surveying Field Practice Göd Surveying Field Practice Budapest
History of Surveying Geodetic Control Networks
Geodetic Control Networks Field Practice Geodetic Astronomy (HUN)
Geodetic Meteorology Geophysics
New Frontiers in Geophysics GPS in Civil Engineering Practice
Gravimetry Studies in Legal Expertise
Property Evaluation Land Registry
Cadastral Information Systems Satellite Geodesy
Economics I. Utilities and Registers
Special Projections Engineering Surveying
Surveying for Engineering Planning Engineering Seismology
Quality Assurance in Construction Engineering Large-scale digital mapping
Field Course of Structural Geodesy Urban GIS
Surveying I. (GER) Surveying II
Projection Systems  
Surveying for architects Engineering Surveying 2