EGNOS monitor station at Budapest

If you would like to know how EGNOS works, please visit for example ESA's EGNOS homepage.

For monitoring the EGNOS performance, Eurocontrol established a standardised data collection network in 2002. The station operated by Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) joined to the network in 2004. The Budapest station is still alive and provide data and reports for Pildo labs.

At Budapest station a NovAtel ProPak V3 single frequency receiver logs GPS and EGNOS data with 1 Hz sampling rate. The data are stored in hourly gps data files in NovAtel oem4 binary format.

Monitoring activities:

Here are some information about measurements recorded during the recent hour: status report of the last data file.

Some plots to demonstrate how EGNOS improved accuracy of GPS yesterday. The plots are generated from the output of postprocessing the raw measurement by Pegasus.

standalone GPS GPS with EGNOS corrections satellites not used number of satellites and DOP solution type

signal to noise ratio on skyplot:

protection levels

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